Four-channel acoustic-emission devices

The SENSOPHONE AED404-USB and AED404-USB Light acoustic-emission devices are modern measuring devices for non-destructive diagnostic testing of materials and structures. They are the centre of a four-channel AE diagnostic system in university research laboratories or for field examination of small industrial objects. They allow to set-up the simplest and absolutely less expensive multichannel AE diagnostic system: the AED404-USB or AED404-USB Light itself, up to four AE sensors with built-in preamplifier, fixing magnet and integrated 2 m sensor cable, and a USB cable for connecting to the notebook.


AED404-USB AED404-USB Light
Number of AE channels 4 4
Synchronised linking of AED404 or AED416 devices not not
Programmable linear or logarithmic amplifying mode yes yes
Measurement of all standard AE parameters yes yes
Programmable digital filter on all AE inputs 30 kHz .. 1 MHz 30 kHz .. 1 MHz
Location on plain, cylinder, sphere surfaces yes yes
Burst waveform recording on AE channels 8 ms not
Signal form and spectrum analysis yes not
Correlation calculations yes not
Analogue LF voltage input lines 1 (+ 3 internal environmental parameters) 1 (no internal environmental parameters)
Digital control input/output lines 3 3 (one is input only)
Programmable test mode (pulser) on any of AE channels yes yes
PC interface USB USB
Expander Ports not not
Powering via interface USB USB
External powering as option: 5..12 V / 3 W not
Size 119х113х35 mm  119х113х35 mm
Weight 400 g 400 g

Built-in hardware functions

PC interface: USB Automatic setting of fixed/floating thresholds individually for all AE channels
Programmable linear or logarithmic amplifiers
Programmable digital filters on all AE channels All channels’ hit data arrangement on Hit Time
for AED404-USB: Waveform snapshot recording on all AE channels Cutting and shorting detection on preamplifier cables
Powering via the USB port or (optionally for AED404-USB) externally RGB signalizing of AE channels’ state
for AED404-USB: Measuring incoming power supply voltage, internal temperature and relative humidity