Main components

Main components of an acoustic-emission diagnostic system based on Sensophone AED404 / AED416 AE devices:

Computer with Sensophone AED64 software

Computer: It can be of any kind with OS Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (all versions) and equipped with its own powering and networking system components. You can use your own one or order it together with other components of the AE diagnostic system. The computer can be placed nearby or far from the AE diagnostic system. The AED64 software should be installed. Installing some office suite is also recommended.

Sensophone AED404 / AED416 acoustic-emission devices

Base devices AED404 and AED416 have 4 or 16 AE channels. They can be used on their own, or several of these devices in any combination can be connected via their Ethernet ports to up to 128-channel equipment. One of the devices is connected to the control computer via its Ethernet or USB interface.

Versions of devices with no Ethernet interface have 4 AE channels each and can be used only alone. They are connected to the control computer via their USB interface.

For all types, the AE sensors are connected to the devices with a coaxial cable. For measuring the environmental parameters specific to the AE test, a connector adapter is available, which also provides bi-directional digital control signals.

AE sensors and preamplifiers

AE sensors: For all AE channels. Piezoelectric detectors with or without built-in preamplifier and/or fixing magnet. Used with appropriate contact material/glue and fixing method when putting on the surface of the object to be inspected. Connected to the SENSOPHONE AED4xx or EMA-4 family devices via coaxial cables.
The preamplifiers are powered via the same coaxial cables and can be built-in to the sensor or to the sensor cable itself. The sensor – preamplifier pairs have sensor-test possibility.









– Power Supply units
– Interface cables
– Coaxial cables
– LF signal connector adapters
– Cable reels
– Hsu-Nielsen tester

– Magnetic holders
– Contact material (grease)
– Carrying cases