AE sensor S-15PA

S-15 PA_small

SENSOPHONE S-15PA acoustic-emission sensor

The SENSOPHONE S-15PA acoustic emission sensor is a mid-frequency, resonance-type, active vibration detector with built-in preamplifier. The preamplifier requires power supply via a 75 ohm resistor. It is suitable also for inverse operation with negative voltage impulses. Neodymium magnet is embedded in the base, so it is easy to attach sensor to the ferromagnetic surfaces. The sensor is insulated, so there is no ground loop. The sensing surface is a hard, heat-resistant resin composite.


Diameter: 18 mm
Height: 17.5 mm
Weight (without cable): 23 g
Cable length: min. 75 cm
Connector type: LEMO FFA.00.250.CTAC18 coaxial, male
Operating temperature range: -35…+110 °C
Power voltage: +4…+12 V DC
Required load resistance: 75 ohm
Nominal gain factor: 20 dB
Nominal supply current: (@ 24 °C, +7.5 V): 6.8 mA
Temperature dependence of the supply current: ± 0.002 mA/K
Typical centre frequency: 150 kHz
Nominal bandwidth: 140 kHz
Typical average sensitivity[1]: 83 dB re 1 V/(m/s)
Dynamic range: min. 90 dB
Capacity to the environment[2]: max. 36 pF
Permissible amplitude of test impulse: -1 V…-80 V

  1. Measured between 50kHz and 240kHz, referenced to nominal (140kHz) bandwidth.
  2. Measured between the surface under sensor (e.g. steel container) and the sensor housing.