Discontinued AE equipments

Already not produced but supported AE equipments

The SENSOPHONE AED40/xx family of acoustic-emission devices was the first production designed and produced by Gereb es Tarsa Company. Devices, with AE channel number from 4 to 32, are built on full featured four-channel AE modules. The housing contains upto eight AE modules, an industrial single board computer, a 16-channel parameter module, and a power supply module. If the application needs more AE measuring channels, two similar devices can be connected to create a multi-channel system upto 64 AE channels. AE sensors, equipped with preamplifiers and sensor cables, are connected to the main devices through the external programmable main amplifiers LLA102 or LLA103.

The SENSOPHONE AED40/xx family of acoustic-emission devices, with some modifications and with different software, was produced under name as EMA-3 system, too.

This family of AE equipment is no longer produced but previously sold equipment is still supported.

Up to year 2003, the SENSOPHONE AED40/xx devices were built into other housing:


Number of AE channels 4..32
Synchronised linking of two similar devices up to 64 AE channels
Programmable linear or logarithmic amplifying mode yes
Measurement of all standard AE parameters yes
Programmable digital filter on all AE inputs no
Location on plain, cylinder, sphere surfaces yes
Analogue LF voltage input lines 16
Digital control input / output lines 16
Programmable test mode (pulser) on any of AE channels yes
PC interface Ethernet
Powering 85..264 V AC / 55 W
Size 330х268х167 mm
Weight 4,5 kg

Built-in hardware functions

PC interface: Ethernet Automatic setting of fixed/flying thresholds
individually for all AE channels
Device synchronising via special cable
Programmable linear or logarithmic amplifiers All channels’ hit data arrangement on Hit Time