EMA-4/xx family

EMA-4/xx family

of acoustic-emission equipment
for non-destructive testing
and engineering diagnostics

The EMA-4/xx family of acoustic-emission equipment comprises a group of modern measuring devices for non-destructive diagnostic testing of materials and structures. Base models with 4 or 16 AE measuring channels are available to use alone or to build a multichannel system up to 128 AE channels. The main members of the family – the base devices EMA-4/4 and EMA-4/16 – are similar to the SENSOPHONE AED404 and AED416 AE devices.

The EMA-4/xx family AE equipment can be preferably utilized for detection and localization of faults (leaks, spreading cracks, breaks) in pressurized vessels and in structures under mechanical stress, for monitoring material fatigue and corrosion, for monitoring technological processes (welding, machine tooling), etc. for the industry, scientific researches and professional education.

  • Number of AE channels from 4 to 128

Hardware and software components to create 4 .. 128 channel AE systems with possibility of easy and flexible reconfiguration.

  • 4-channel (EMA-4/4) and 16-channel (EMA-4/16) devices are combined freely, in any sequence
  • Number of external analogue parametric inputs: 1 .. 40
  • Number of universal digital inputs / outputs: 3 .. 96.
  • Hardware and software both designed for maximum user convenience

…both at short-term or periodic examinations and during the work in mode of continuous monitoring.

  • Minimum sizes, weight and power consumption
  • Reduced length of signal cables
  • Advanced self-test mode and checking the performance of system elements
  • Multicolor status indication and color marking of AE channels.

When used for continuous monitoring, devices are provided with industrial instrument cabinets of required sizes, of the necessary material, with the required protection category and with the necessary certificates.

  • Comprehensive support and warranty service

… including the training and education of specialists, software updates, expansion and upgrading of hardware components.