Connecting Sensophone AED404 / AED416 acoustic-emission devices to a Synchronized Multi-channel AE Diagnostic System

Module Connecting Rules:

  • The computer can be of any kind. A Windows XP / 7 / 8.1 / 10 operating system (any version), and the Sensophone AED64 software must be installed.
  • One and only one Sensophone AED404 or AED416 device (the leading unit) can be connected to the computer via its UPSTREAM Ethernet port. The IP address of the leading unit’s UPSTREAM port can be set as needed in the used local network. The UPSTREAM port of all additional AED404 / AED416 devices (the driven units) are to be connected to the EXPANDER Port(s) of “upper” AED404 / AED416 devices. The default IP address of the driven units’ UPSTREAM port should be unchanged!
  • For connecting the leading Sensophone AED404 or AED416 device (equipped with Ethernet interface) directly to the computer without any networking equipment, use standard crossover UTP or STP cable Cat5E or better. If the computer is Auto MDI-X capable, or some optional networking equipment is used, standard straight-through patch cable can be used, too. Do not connect the Sensophone AED404 or AED416 device to an Ethernet port with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) enabled!
  • For connecting all driven AED404 / AED416 devices use standard straight-through patch cable Cat5E or better. In addition to the data transfer, these cables provide also the powering and synchronization of units, so do not use any additional network equipment at these connections!
  • Powering the leading AED404 or AED416 device by an external power supply is mandatory. Powering the driven devices can be solved internally or by additional external power supply units.
  • Each Sensophone AED404 / AED416 device should be set via software with an individual Module Code according Module Coding Rules. The AE channel numbering system is based on this module codes. In a synchronized multichannel AE diagnostic system, all AE channels must have different channel number. The module code set on the device is also shown on the front panel.