Powering AED404 / AED416 acoustic-emission devices in a Synchronized Multi-channel AE Diagnostic System

Module powering rules:

  1. The leading AED404 or AED416 device must be powered by an external power supply or by a special PoE power injector.
  2. Do not connect the leading Sensophone AED404 or AED416 device to an external Ethernet port with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) enabled!
  3. Power voltage UIn for any AED404 or AED416 device should be + 12 … + 48 VDC. No AED404 or AED416 device with UIn less than +15 VDC can power other driven AED404 or AED416 device connected to its Expander Port .
  4. Power current across patch cables between AED404 / AED416 devices (IExpanderPort) should not be more than 750 mA. Power current depends from actual power voltage UIn as: IAED404 = 217-2.79*UIn + IExpanderPort [mA], or IAED416 = 695-9.37*UIn + Iall_three_ExpanderPorts [mA].Power voltage difference (loss) between External Power connector and Expander Port: 1 V, between Upstream Port and Expander Port : 2 V (if enabled).
  5. Power voltage difference (loss) on the patch cables depends from length and resistance. Resistance depends from the cable type and can be R=3 … 14.5 Ohm/100m.
  6. “Midway” AED404 or AED416 device can be powered by an external power supply if the power output from the upper AED404 or AED416 device is disabled.